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Monday, 10 July 2017 06:09

NHA open investigation after ABC members sharp eye


The stipendiary stewards of the National Horseracing Authority have opened an investigation into the circumstances which led to MISS CRUSADE (Leon Govender) and PUMEZA (Grant Behr) starting from the incorrect stalls in Race 1 at Kenilworth on Saturday.

Pumeza was the favourite and started from stall gate No 11 in the 1000m race, while Miss Crusade should have started from stall gate No 11 but was put in the No 10 stall. Pumeza finished fourth behind 36-1 shot Rebel’s Spirit and many of her supporters expected the result to be declared null and void.

NHA rule states that save as otherwise provided in the RULES:- no HORSE shall be started from a stall other than that allotted by the draw…

Rule states:- On an order from the starter:- RIDERS shall ride their HORSES into their correct stalls and the starting staff shall assist them accordingly.

Rul 61.5.16 & 17 states:- No RIDER shall take up a position at the start of a RACE other than that allotted, take any undue advantage at the start, wilfully delay the start, display impertinence towards, or refuse to obey the starter, or generally misbehave at the start. And that:- Any RIDER committing a misdemeanour at the start may be fined not more than R1,000 by the starter provided that any fine shall be confirmed by the Stipendiary Board, and provided further that should the starter consider a fine of R1,000 insufficient, he shall request that an INQUIRY be opened.


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