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TOPIC: Barcelona

Barcelona 18 Aug 2017 14:02 #685903

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Beyond The Pale wrote:
Just my two cents worth , Dave you are not alone and I believe you are 100 % correct.

Islam and it's terror has mainly been kept in check in the middle east until the discovery of oil and all the wealth it has brought the region has allowed it to branch out to every corner of the Earth. However added to that wealth is the state of western politics in it's constant appeasement policies whilst shoving multiculturalism down our throats at every opportunity. Plus the added fact that Christianity is in the decline. The world has also become a tiny place in terms of the ease of modern travel and the even easier social media outfits. Sadly since the second world war the encroachment of Islam on the west has gained pace and is now in my opinion at pre invasion numbers.

In my experience Islam is offended by everything and tolerates nothing .

One doesn't have to enter a mosque to hear the bile on offer but instead read a few chapters of the hadith or koran to educate one's self a little further.

It is a book filled with death, deception, murder , rape and submission.

Many of course will shout back that the Old Testament was just as bad , possibly and in patches I would agree , however the New Testament is the revamped version and that should be remembered.

My take on it as that at least 10 percent of the muslim population of the world is radical and would take up arms if given the chance to conquer the world in the name of Islam , as they are ordered to in the koran. That makes a figure anywhere between 100 million to 150 million . The majority of muslims appear peaceful , however deception is a key member of their beliefs and no doubt the majority are silent admirers or have positive feelings on what their more violent colleagues or members of faith are up to.

I'm tired of people trying to make excuses for what appears to be an on going problem. Of trying to blame it on lone wolves or racism or whatever else the media wants to say. There is a huge problem , the problem is the source and that is islam whether people like to say it or not . Something has to happen within the religion itself . Sadly it has hardly evolved since it's inception over 1300 years ago.

Young Generations quotes islam does not kill innocent people ......However deception is in play once again. Innocent people are only Muslims , non believers are already no longer innocent and therefore open targets.

Lastly how anyone can even marginally equate the latest events in America where a car ploughed into people is beyond belief. For a start the Far Right don't fly under the banner of Christianity, they are at large a racist organisation with a tiny membership. The incident was not pre-meditated either and was fuelled by both sides, the far right and Antifa / Blm who are just as violent if not more on a day where the ultra nationalists had obtained permission to march.

They were ambushed by the anarchist movement known as Antifa and the equally racist and bigoted BLM.

No one has gloated nor claimed responsibility either for the incident, something the Islamists can't wait to do.

Again what makes this whole thing so hypocritical is that one tiny incident in the US makes Trump and the republicans racist and oppressive , 1000's of incidents of islamic terror , it's denied , blamed on mad men , has nothing to do with Islam , is always the fault of mis-interpretation, is lapped up like mother's milk by the liberals and media who then feed it to the general joe blog's on the street.

It's sad and I honestly believe we are witnessing the collapse of Europe , it may not be in the next twenty years but our children's freedom and liberties are stake.

Just my two cents worth as mentioned and written as a very very concerned parent and member of society.

PS Isn't it just sick , but there ill be the standard uproar from all the big mouths " we will stand together , we will light candles , we will drape flags of compassion for those in Barcelona on our Face book profiles, the media will do everything they can to tell us it has nothing to do with islam "

And in a few days it will happened all over again

Absolutely brilliant summary
Then again,as Titch has proved,they don't listen
Don't Mess With The Townies.
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