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2 weeks 4 days ago #874094 by Dave Scott
Betway Summer Cup In The Summer Time💥 was created by Dave Scott
Good morning all after a rather interesting week and looking forward to a couple of exciting weeks ahead


The Summer Cup fever is starting to heat up.

I received a call from Molly the other day asking if I was invited to the Summer Cup draw which I hadn't and fortunately he was able to secure an invitation for me. 👍

This became a very good and unusual experience. 

As far as using Uber is concerned Mrs S is always in control of ordering the lifts etc., but this time she insisted I load the app for the evening to enable me to go to the function and be in a position to secure a lift back home through the app. 

She then picked up Molly and dropped us at the County Pub in Kyalami for, as he puts it "a few sharpies" before heading off to a real dodgy part of Joburg.

The app proved quite easy to navigate and we arrived at the venue safely and in time.

However as mentioned previously the surrounding area did resemble a war zone and was very scary, this was after 30 mins earlier marveling at the new road infrastructure and smart housing developments in the Kyalami area.

It really was an eye opener on how many people still live in very testing conditions 😪

Just to touch on the function, after we were greeted by well armed guards we were taken by lift underground to what could only be termed as a safe house (thank the Lord no Hamas flags on display).

The band, food and service was excellent and the draw was efficient with guest speakers and a great vibe and thanks to Betway 🙏

I was able to have a word with Johnathan Blumberg and asked if he was concernd about the open bet and poor tote payout dividends on win bets?

He was passionate and very informative in his feedback telling me that horse-racing is certainly not the cash cow of Betway and the much required investment into local racing is based on passion and love for the game.

We should applaud their commitment and innovative inputs 👏 

Getting back to the venue and time to go home. Via a SAFE PASSAGE, we went into a lift and were met by a rather solid young lass probably 4' foot tall and maybe 150 kilos, with many tattoos, a happy smile and very long eyelashes on her way up to the rooms above which we found very interesting and wondered where she maybe headed🤔

After a few hits and misses on the buttons we managed to find the correct floor for reception where a very helpful member of staff helped me order an Uber home.

When our lift arrived the security guard assisted Molly with his bad knees to the Uber which was tiny and we were astonished to be greeted by a young lady driver 😳 

I have to say it all seemed rather suspicious i.e. real dodgy area, a female driver etc etc. So I told the young lass to go to Lonehill then Kyalami where she informed me that this would a double stop booking and should be recorded as such.

So I gave her my phone and secretly thought Molly and myself were now going to be involved a hostage situation with little hope of anyone wanting to pay for our SAFE PASSAGE home or release.

During this lengthy discussion our original trip was canceled and the new Uber came along side of us.

Considering the squeeze to get us in I said to the lass just close the doors and get us to hell out of Dodge and I will certainly look after you.

We both arrived home safe after a wonderful evening. Major thank you to Betway!

At the function we met with the other 2 young "D"s from Weighted to Win and complimented them on their excellent information but stressing that they can't compete with the old "D"s when it comes to discussing UK racing and Mill Reef etc.😊

There were also a few dances where 4 Racing CEO could certainly show a few Mr Geriatrics how to really dance.

I must say our time in Kyalami has been wonderful in Summer conditions with 2 lovely wee dugs.

However the silence was broken a few nights ago when our Indian neighbour's decided to celebrate Diwali and compete with the Edinburgh festival tattoo with a fireworks display.🙈

The following night was met by the hail storm with damage to the house and cars 🚗 

Just to add insult to injury after dropping Molly and arriving home safely from the Draw function my old back problems kicked in and I had an excruciating night of pain down my right leg.

 Had I been in Pretoria the situation would normally call for just popping into my local chemist for a quick Voltaren in the bum however, this could not be arranged in Joburg. 

So we ended up at Netcare in Forways and fortunately assigned a superb doctor who sorted me out including blood tests and a warning to consider a change in lifestyle 🤔 

Back to racing options

Local this weekend we have 

PE today 

Si Gioca, Golden Pacific and Khaya S Hope all potential bankers.

Turffontien weather🤞

Feather Boa is a good sort.

Durbanville Saturday 

Expect big payouts 

Scottsville Sunday 

William Robertson the best 

As far as UK as they enter Winter and move to the Jumps and Cheltenham 


We have the Gordon Elliott pair Gavin vs Delta Work should be a great race to watch 

Captain Teague worth a punt.

More updates on UK thread .

Back to the Summer Cup 

Just to get us into the mood 

The pick 6 is a must and I am sure we will have a competition via the forum 

Main Defender could be a banker and an unsuspecting master plan changing races although Dyce ran a cracker last run.

White Pearl and MDK has booked Striker and a must inclusion 

Sandringham Summit should be the obvious banker with Main Defender taking the other options but an update from David would be appreciated of it's well being.

The main race we can load and Zeus is my outsider inclusion on all bets.

Last two legs we will have to load .

Just a reminder of next week's Japan Cup Sunday the 26th Nov 

Where Equinox the world super star 5/10 takes on local super filly Liberty Island who has just won the triple tiara 3/1 its a must watch just trying to confirm local time .

The weather is not allowing much happiness but what the hell it's Summer Time .

Good Punting 👍 

Mungo Jerry 

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2 weeks 4 days ago #874100 by Bob Brogan
Mungo is a legend

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2 weeks 3 days ago #874146 by Bob Brogan

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